Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Good Bit of Knitting

It started at the ski shop around 4:30pm Friday. As Zack and I were waiting on his rental equipment for his ski trip the next morning, we looked around the shop. Zack spotted and fell in love with a Burton black, white and gray "hand knit" ear flap hat. Acrylic? $30? No. I explained as calmly as I could that no son of mine is going to wear a $30 acrylic, store bought, mass produced hat. So what if it was a Burton. Let the argument begin. I was not going to back down.

I could already hear the whispering. The poor child. You know his mother knits. He was forced to buy a hat. Have you seen her yarn stash?

My parting argument was a disgusted "I could knit that in a night" under my breath. He one-upped me with his parting comment, "would you?"

"Um....Ok. Sure! But we'll have to go to the yarn shop." (No black in my stash. Besides spinning yarn and knitting a hat in one night would be showing off. Ha!)

It was probably the quickest amount of time I've ever spent in a yarn shop. Three skiens of Lamb's Pride Bulky in black, gray and cream. One skein of Malabrigo in an acid yellow color (in my rush to wind into a center-pull ball, I lost the label.) I probably had the white and gray in my stash, but I didn't have the time to dig. What if I couldn't find it and the yarn shop was no longer open? You understand.

Side note...and a very important side note. Because I'm sure some of you (who I knit with on Wednesdays) are harking back to my comment about not buying any yarn until Stitches South. Let me be perfectly clear that this is the FIRST time my 14 year old son, my one and only child to whom I gave birth and nursed, the nearly 6-footer I now have to look up to in order to hug, has EVER asked me to knit something for him.

I didn't have a pattern. No need. I would wing it. Ear flaps and all.

A quick swatch with the yarn doubled on size 13 needles yielded a gauge of about 2.5 stitches per inch. Zack's head is 23". That works to roughly 57 stitches. I made a quick chart for the zig-zag color work and started the ear flaps.

Here's the pattern. It's not terribly detailed because I was making it up as I went along. If you have knit hats before this should make sense.

Zack's One Night Hat
Double the Lamb's Pride through out, triple the malabrigo.
Ear flaps - make two. Cast on 4 stitches on circular needle. Row 1 - purl. Row 2 - k1 make one (m1), k2, k1 m1. Row 3- p1 m1 p4 p1 m1. Row 4 - k1 m1 k6 k1 m1 (10 stitches). Rows 5, 7 - purl. Rows 6, 8 - knit. Row 9 - k1 m1 k8 k1 m1. Row 10 - p1 m1 p10 p1 m1 (14 stitches). Cut the yarn, slide the flap over and make the 2nd flap.

Cast on 10 stitches between the ear flaps for the back of the hat and 18 for the front of the hat. Join, being careful to not twist the stitches. Knit in the round until the hat is long enough, about 6 inches or so. I try it on periodically. The pattern is a simple 8 stitch, 4 row zig zag. Decrease is simple, k7, k2tog for the first round. k6, k2tog for second round, and so on until there are 8 stitches remaining. Cut the yarn and thread it through the remaining stitches. Single crochet around the hat but don't double the yarn. Attach yarn to flaps and braid or twist to create the dangly things. Voila!

I started the calculations for the design at 6:30pm and finished with a light blocking at 1:30am.

The best part? He wore it all weekend, and his friend, Henry, wants one too!


Liana said...

You are cracking me right the heck up! Originally, it didn't sound like Zack "asked" you to make the hat, it was more like a .......yup, a dare! and you know what?? Mom bit!!! (Is that where Knitty Bits comes from) heeheehee What an enabler he is, you know he was just taunting you to see if you would succumb to the LYS calling your name. {whisper} buy yarn, buy yarn.

LeAnn said...

Great job on the hat. But are you sure you weren't just looking for a reason to break your yarn diet. Sounds awfully suspicious to me.

goodnessgraciousWV said...

You knit the hat and he WORE it! gasp! And his friend wants one, too! How spectacularly nice! My younger son will wear things I knit him, but hardly ever will my husband (the socks I'm making at his request BETTER get worn!) nor will my older son. The classmates of my boys are always asking me to make things for them, but I worry that it will be a lot of work on my part and then they won't get worn--so far I've resisted. I will sew fleece hats, but will not knit for other people's children who are un-proven in their followthrough. :)

Sabrina said...

Chris- this is making me LAUGH SO HARD. I had a mom LIKE YOU!!! I could make that outfit for under $2.00 - ha. PROPS to Zack!! and his friend!