Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Home is where?

All this Facebook stuff has me in a reflective mood. An old classmate invited me to join the "you know you're from Eau Claire if..." group. I checked out the group, chuckled over a few goofy memories of Carson Park, and saw some familiar faces. I hesitantly decided to join. When I hit submit, my computer locked up and dumped me off the internet. A sign?

I lived in Eau Claire (pronounced O Claire) for 12 years and left (for good) a few weeks after graduating high school. I didn't just leave, the whole family left, so that didn't give me much incentive to go back. Actually, I think I've been back 3 times since 1982. Maybe 4. Having spent 12 formative, impressionable and yes, awkward years in one smallish Wisconsin town doesn't really mean I am "from" there, does it? What constitutes being "from" somewhere? Are there guidelines? Rules? I'm feeling a little "from-less" right now.

My parents live in Ohio, and many people think that I am from Ohio. My sister is in Michigan (where they are still buying gas for snow blowers...foolish). I lived there for about 6 years and many people think that I am from Michigan. Ok, so I still pronounce some of my words a bit northern, but I've gotten quite immersed in the local vernacular...ya'll. And if talking the talk isn't enough, I reckon we could discuss which restaurant in town has the best grits. I've become a connoisseur of sorts.

So where am I going with this rambling? No where, really. I'm just coming to terms with "home" and I think it's safe to say, after nearly 21 years, that Nashville is home. But more important than the amount of time I've lived here is the quality of the time I've lived here.

Yes, I'm from Nashville and it's my home town!

p.s. Seriously Karen...ditch the snow blower! We're talking leaves on trees, gas for the lawn mower, flowers, I swear I saw a mosquito. Gin and tonic season starts next week!

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Liana said...

You crack me right the heck up!!! Being an army brat myself, I understand your feelings about not really having a "home", although you lived in your places much longer than I ever lived in mine. I was in 3 different states for 3rd grade for Pete's sake. When we moved to Nashville and lived here longer than 3 years, it became home. I then graduated high school, met the young man I would eventually marry, we moved to Atlanta for 13 years, and then finally came back to middle Tennessee.......home!