Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another Rainy Sunday

I awoke to the sound of rain. Lovely.

For the record, I'm sick of rain. I'm sick of humidty. I'm sick of everything being damp.

Update on the car: it is ok! Toyota gave it a clean bill of health after they ran a full diagnostic on the electrical system and computers, upgraded the computer software (who knew), cleaned the fuel injector, and replaced the steering shaft (not flood related and totally under warranty). The electrical silliness has not been explained, nor has it happened since. Weird.

The insurance adjuster is scheduled to be here tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll be able to get some movement on cleaning up the mess. I had to pull up the carpet on the garage steps yesterday because it was beginning to mold. I can only imagine what my ducts look like. Gross. We've been without AC for two weeks now. NOTHING in this house is dry. I contemplated a dehumidifier, but with the windows open what good will that do?

Task for today: create a full inventory of everything in the garage that was damaged by the flood, complete with photos, date of purchase, purchase price, model number and replacement cost. Sounds fun, huh?


GailR said...

All I can think of is how dry it usually is in august with massive humidity. Thunder in the background again.

I hope getting the repairs and replacements goes easily for you.

LeAnn said...

Hey! We've missed you on Wednesdays and Thursdays! (Although I must admit, I haven't made many Wednesday meetups lately.) See you tomorrow?

I've tagged you with a Sunshine Award (see my blog), for adding sunshine to my life and blogosphere.