Friday, March 25, 2011

The One About SPRING

What the @#*$&^!

I had to scrape the windshield this morning, a task I find seriously offensive when undertaken in the season commonly referred to as SPRING. And especially when a furry little groundhog said that SPRING would arrive early. Stupid, lying, evil rodent.

Did you know that Walgreens does not stock gloves in SPRING? Why I know this... Zack had a ballgame last night. Unlike last week which was "glorious weather for baseball" and not SPRING, last night sucked out loud. It was about 45 and windy. My gloves were AWOL so I stopped by Walgreens hoping to find a pair on clearance. Nope. Sunglasses, sunscreen and flipflops. Items one needs for SPRING.

My next car will have heated seats. A certain part of my anatomy my ass didn't thaw completely until 3:47am. Yes, must have heated seats.

Remind me about this in July when a certain part of my anatomy my ass is melting.

Did I mention that Zack plays tonight? Have you looked out the window?

Current temp: 45

All the shiny areas are wet. The dark spots in the sky are rain drops on the window. Dare I ask if it could it suck more?

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GailR said...

It's called Blackberry Winter. As the blackberries start to bloom we will always have a cold snap. Just enough to annoy the heck out of folks who have been putting up winter gear and breaking out the summer stuff.
Tell me the secret of melting a part of my anatomy down. I've tried shrinking it by standing in the rain; freezing it in show and you say I can met it???? AWESOME!