Monday, November 26, 2007

Ho Ho Ho!

For the record, I am not offended by the use of "ho ho ho" and will use the phrase liberally throughout this Christmas season. Shame on anyone who thinks it means anything but a jolly greeting from St. Nick. For crying out loud.

On to more pleasant topics: Thanksgiving 2007. I went on carb overload and today I'm in carb withdrawl. It's not pretty. I had a salad for lunch today and snagged a two-pack of crackers at the checkout because I realized the salad I just created was sadly lacking croutons. This calls for an does my yarn "addiction" as my mother puts it.

For the record (again), I am not addicted to yarn, I just like it A LOT. I don't have a problem with yarn. I don't have a problem with all the yarn I have. Actually, now that I think of it, the problem is that I don't have enough yarn. Lately, I've found myself stalking Goodwill and thrift stores hoping to score a great sweater to recycle. (This past weekend was a total success. I found a black cashmere, chestnut donegal tweed, and dove gray lambswool!) Hmmm, I'm sounding a little defensive, where did that come from? Moving on...

Back to Thanksgiving....Zack and I went to Huntington to visit my parents again. It was a weekend for secret projects. Zack and Grandpa headed to the garage (I was not invited) to play with wood and power tools. I think they were making toothpicks and sawdust. My mom and I headed to the basement with a couple old quilts and a Santa pattern.

Inbetween secret projects, Zack and I worked on the annual Gingerbread House. It turned out pretty good. This is the kit from Michael's. We added some of our own candy.
We even got a little snow! For those of you who measure snow in yards or meters, I'm sure you scoffed at this photo. We live in Tennessee, and snow is pretty rare. This was a big hit with Zack.
I also dropped a bit of cash at the Knit and Hook, Huntington's LYS. It was their Thanksgiving Open House...yarn 20% off. My eyes glazed over and I went into a trance-like state. I only walked out with three skeins. It was overload and I panicked. I also picked up a couple tidbits at The Depot. It's a great shop that's run by Goodwill. They sell made in West Virginia products like glass, pottery, etc. Neat place.

I'm not the only one who did some shopping. Zack dropped a couple bucks at the train show. He bought a new L&N caboose and Dixie Line boxcar for his HO (there's that word again) train that we'll put around the Christmas tree.

A little bit of knitting happened also. I'm about 1/2 way done with the second secret sock. it's looking good. I hope to finish this weekend on our annual road trip to Lynchburg, TN for the Jack Daniels Christmas open house. If you're in the area, this is an event that shouldn't be missed. The parade starts at 1 and it's a trip!

All in all, we had a pretty good weekend!

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