Sunday, November 11, 2007

How Much is Too Much Sudafed?

I'm working on a pair of socks for [recipient's name to be divulged after 12/25]. I've never knit socks for feet other than my own, so this is challenging. This person has slightly larger feet than I do, so I'm guessing about size now that I've reached the toe decrease. I'm also not paying attention to what the hell I'm doing. I don't know how many times I have to remind myself to pay attention to the dang pattern! Sheesh! I'm knitting along, doing the toe decrease and get down to the required 16 stitches and notice that the toe is a lovely (not) triangle. Whose toes are shaped like that? I was decreasing every other row for the entire toe rather than switching to every row about half way thru. Frog the stinkin toe... And I wasn't even enjoying an adult beverage! However, I have been taking my fair (and legal) share of sudafed. It's the good stuff you need to sign for! I'm totally brain dead.

Anyway, I cast on the first sock in August and am just now grafting the toe. Will I get the second sock finished in time for Christmas 2007 or will this be a Christmas 2008 gift? Why do I stress myself this way? It's not that I'm a slow knitter...I'm a distracted knitter! I'm a distracted knitter on Sudafed and I'm so wound up now that I can't sleep. God Bless America!