Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Flip Flops

You've got to have new flip flops for a trip to the beach. You'd think flip flops would be easy to come by this time of year. Nope. I wear a size 9, which, it seems, a lot of other women wear. I found black and red at Old Navy. I love Old Navy flip flops, but not in black or red. They're nice and squishy and the thingy that goes between your toes isn't very thick...important quality in a good flip flop. Well, anyway I was very disappointed in the selection of size 9 flip flops. Make that size 9 CHEAP flip flops. A pair shouldn't cost more than a gallon of gas. I have standards.

Beach knitting:
Question for my seven subscribers: what should I take to the beach to knit? Last year I worked on the Lorna's Laces socks. I really don't think I want to do socks this year, but I need something smallish. I'll take the Cabaret Raglan just because, but I need an official beach project. I'll be there over July 25th (think Christmas in July). Oh...and I just bought a new air conditioner/gas heat unit (ouch!!) so whatever I knit has to be something with yarn from my stash. That makes things interesting. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Beach reading:
World Without End by Ken Follett (about 1/2 way through with this, excellent so far!)
Pieceworks Magazine (pin cushion winners)
Knitter Universe (Summer 2008)
Unfortunately my best smutty beach novel is on loan...drat! (Dark Paradise by Tami Hoag)
Help! I need another book! Thoughts? Suggestions?

By the way...are there any good yarn shops in or near Panama City Beach? I know that about half way through the trip I'm going to need to get away from the testosterone!! Yarn will help.

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