Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tonight I Blog

It seems like I have some catching up to do. I've been spending a lot of time at my computer at work so coming home to type hasn't been terribly appealing. I'm sure you can relate.

I thought about posting fiber photos, but changed my mind. Enjoy the random shots of what's been happening lately.

Wakeboarding - Old Hickory Lake, June 2008

Drumfish caught by Zack (from shore) - Old Hickory Lake, June 2008

Zack just returned from two weeks at summer camp. Yes, TWO WEEKS! He's been away from home for a week at a time but has always been connected by phone or some other means. There was no phone contact, just letters and post cards. Separation anxiety (on my part) kicked in around day 3 and left on day 4. I bought new bedding. Then I went yarn shopping. I ate sushi, read a couple of good books and played with fiber. I had a great time at home and Zack had a great time at camp! Win win!

The Cabaret Raglan is coming along very nicely. I'm starting on the front lace panel. I got the Spring/Summer Vogue Knitting magazine, and I'm finding it hard to focus on the raglan. The blue cable and lace shell is calling...loudly...I'm thinking green bamboo blend. I digress. Back to the raglan...believe it or not, I've never followed a chart before, which is the main reason I wanted to knit this sweater. The chart is pretty simple and it makes sense. Charts always looked so scary and complicated before. I feel like I've turned a new knitting leaf! Bring on the lace!

The Mama C shetland wool is now plied and off the wheel. I tried a 2-ply, navaho-ply and 3-ply. The 2-ply was too wimpy and Navaho was too inconsistent. (Navaho is basically a three ply, but you do it with one strand of yarn in an over-exagerated crochet chain stitch motion.) I settled on a traditional three ply and it's lovely! I haven't counted the yardage yet, but I have 4 pretty decent sized skeins. I'd like to get a vest out of it.

On the Ashford right now is an experiment in wool and silk. I'm loving it! I don't know if it will remain a singles, or if I'll ply it with something. Right now it's about a DK to worsted weight. I don't want it much thicker, but I think I need a "binder" to keep it all nice and twisty.

Upcoming road trip: Panama City Beach! Get out the black socks and metal detector, here I come!

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