Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Be gentle, it's my first time

My first paid Ravelry advertisement! How's that for just too darn cool?

Not typing much tonight. I smooshed my finger in a car door today. Yes, it hurt like hell. I have this lovely little black spot under my finger nail. If I lose this nail I'm probably going to vomit a little every time I look at my hand. (I lost a toe nail once and let me tell you, it was totally nasty! After the nail fell off (gag) I opened a door and my toe was in the way...right over the toe...a whole new level of pain and uglyness. I couldn't get a pedicure for a year for fear that I would freak out everyone in the nail salon and be banned for pure grossness.) At least with a toe I could hide it in a shoe, but my right index finger? I may have to knit some gloves...or a finger condom.

(That last comment will probably hurl this innocuous little knitting blog right into adult content land! HA!)

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gwynethm said...

Congrats!!! (about the ad, not your finger...) =)