Monday, October 5, 2009

Tulips in October

Tulips Cardigan by Lindsay Pekny is finished and ready for delivery! Yes, it's just as sweet and cute in person! I purchased the kit for the cardigan at Stitches Midwest last month at the Elegant Ewe booth. A friend's daughter had a baby last month and this cardigan was on my shopping list. As my sister was admiring a baby sweater at the Stitches Market, a fellow shopper said, "How darling! Doesn't it make you want to ovulate?"

Yes, the sweater is very cute and I'm sure it will look very sweet on Avery, but it does NOT make me want to ovulate! As if!

In other case the new banner isn't obvious enough...I've taken the plunge and started advertising my Etsy shop on Ravelry in the group forums. (If you're a knitter/crocheter/spinner and not a member of Ravelry, you need to be. Go. Join.) I have been hesitant about the advertising because I'm not typically one to call attention to myself. And advertising is the epitome of yelling, "hey! look at me!" into a crowd of people. I'm nervous.

And finally, my latest investment (the shorter one on the right). I like to call this Lawn Boy x2.

I seriously considered buying a couple sheep to tend the lawn, but there's that whole poop issue. I realize the one on the left poops too, but he's toilet trained. (I'm so dead if he reads of the reasons he won't "friend" me on Facebook!)

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