Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Short and sweet

Just a few photos today.

Sophie on Sunday. She was posing so nicely then a snowflake caught her eye. (Some of you will find humor in that statement...)

My house Sunday night during the snow

This is a recent repair job that I did for a Haus of Yarn customer. I was very pleased with how this came out. I think she snagged the shawl on something. The angora was broken in two places. She didn't have any spare yarn, but the shawl had fringe! I took a couple lengths from the fringe and re-knit the hole. I think the customer will be pleased.

(I only kept the yarn tail so you could see the patch location)
I lightly needle-felted the ends in place so you can't even see where the new yarn was woven in. I was able to camoflage it in the darker pink mohair. Thank goodness for fuzzy natural fiber! The stitches are a bit thicker where I had to overlap, but it's hardly noticable.

We're gearing up for what could be a "significant ice storm" tomorrow and Thursday. Have no fear!

  • Bread? - check!
  • Milk? - check!
  • Toilet paper? - check!
  • Wine? - oh...CRAP!

Time to fear!!

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