Thursday, August 30, 2007

Me Time

There isn't a lot of "me time" in my life right now. I'm dealing with way too many things that don't involve knitting. It seems like I only get to knit a few stitches here and there before time is up.

Today was no different. I went to work, ate lunch at my desk, left a bit early to meet with Zack's teachers, fixed dinner, and in the middle of doing dishes I decided to chuck the chores and take some pictures of my latest project. It's all about priorities, right? (This is the project I vowed not to cast on until Zack's afghan was finished. Yeah, right.)

This is the Classy Slip Up sock pattern from "Knit Socks!" by Betsy Lee McCarthy. (It's the book that's actually shaped like a sock.) The pattern is super easy pattern and not at all boring. The vertical and horizontal patterns work well with the yarn's color changes. I think the colors being about the same brightness keep the pattern from getting too busy and lost. (I think the sock would be gorgeous in the semi-solid yarn that I just read about in the Knitter's Review weekly newsletter. You should subscribe.) If you're a beginning knitter, Betsy's patterns are super easy to follow. If you've knit a pair or two of socks, you may find her patterns a bit elementary, but sometimes elementary is good...less to think about. The needles are my new size one DPNs from Knitpicks. It took me a bit to get used to them. I'm a bamboo girl. Maybe I should say I was a bamboo girl. The yarn is also from Knitpicks. It's the 100% merino wool yarn that I dyed myself...twice. I'm pretty pleased with how it's knitting up. I just had to share.
Well, back to the dishes...

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