Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Whip it Good!

Hi, I'm Chris, and I have a problem with knitting books...hell, books in general. Ok, magazines too. I finally ran out of shelf space (and my budget was straining) so I quit buying books, but every time I drove by Borders or Books-a-Million I got that twitch. I knew there was shiny new knitting book, hot off the press and still smelling like ink, that I had to have. I kept driving and renewed my library card.

So the library books don't really have that fresh ink smell (I was a graphic designer in a former life, there are some smells that we designers will never get over), but the books are plentiful and FREE (if you return them on time, if not there's this nasty business about fines and harrassing e-mails.) The REALLY cool thing is that I can browse the library shelves from the comfort of my home, select the books I want and put them in my online book basket. It's a lot like shopping online, but without giving up your credit card information. Then the library elves go get the books for me, put them in a special place in the library and shoot me a friendly (not harrassing) e-mail to let me know the books are waiting for me. It's amazing. Have I mentioned that it's free? (If you return them on time.....)

This week's book is DomiKNITrix--Whip Your Knitting into Shape by Jennifer Stafford. It looks a bit gothy, but it's a great book...I think I have to have it. I'm not sure if this a "learn to knit" book, but she's got some great tips and tricks coupled with DomiKNITrix-type humor. I was paging through the book the other night and Zack took a peek just as I turned the page to the Mohawk Hat. The yarn came yesterday. It will be black and lime green, just like it is in the book. I told him he has to model it when it's finished. He informed me that he "needs" it in time for ski season. I mean SNOWBOARD season, the young man doesn't ski anymore. Heaven forbid. Faux-mohawks (faux-hawk?) and snowboards...nope, not my DNA.

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