Friday, December 28, 2007

All is calm...

...for the first time in several weeks. Like nearly everyone else, I've been crazy busy with Christmas. But now, for the first time, it's quiet, calm and peaceful.

Santa really rocked my world this Christmas (or maybe I rocked his!! Ha!) I'd take photos of the ultimate gift, but my son stole all my AA batteries for his wireless xbox controller and didn't recharge the dead ones. Grr. I'm not going to tell what it is. Photos will be posted as soon as the red light changes to green on the charger. You'll have to see it to believe it.

Another totally awesome gift was a handmade niddy noddy from Zack and my dad. It also rocks! They worked on it over Thanksgiving when we visited. Zack sanded and sanded and sanded. It's as smooth as glass. The center is walnut and the arms are cyprus. It's 12" and nice and lightweight. Even signed! Again, photos as soon as I get a green light.

My sister gave me the Skacel felting kit. Totally cool. I had considered giving one to her if the socks didn't work out. How funny would that have been? However, the socks worked! She loves them and they fit perfectly. Yeah!

I'm also dealing with a bunch of other pesky issues. While Randy (my totally rockin' Santa hero) was under the house wiring Zack's room with cable/ethernet, he discovered a massive leaky pipe...the one that the washing machine drains into. Extremely nasty! So, I'll be getting some nice new PVC in the coming days. I don't mind spending money to fix up the house, but it irks the fire out of me when I have to spend money on something I'll never see. I also need a new clutch for my car. Anyone know a good (honest) transmission mechanic in Middle Tennessee? Randy can handle breaks, plugs, etc, but the clutch is more than we want to tackle. It's a pretty important part of the would be best to not screw it up.

Come back later for photos. Trust me, they'll be worth it!

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