Friday, September 26, 2008

On the Rocks With Salt

Which is how I enjoy a margarita. Actually, that's how I enjoyed two margaritas tonight, which is why I'm not knitting or spinning. Tequila can be such a drag when it comes to gauge and/or twist, so I shall type instead.

Why the margaritas? First, it's Friday. That alone is reason enough, right? Second, I had my "photo shoot" today (yes, LeAnn, I smiled pretty for the camera!) and I feel pretty good about it. The results will be in the mail. I don't know if that's good or bad, but the tech didn't gasp in horror or make me wait around for the radiologist to review. Third, My Friend Paul (MFP) was in town with his wife and we went to Rose Peppers for dinner. YUM!

Paul, if you ever read my blog (and I doubt you do because you'd give endless amounts of crap for all this knitting nonsense) I totally love Emily. Good job! I'm so happy for you I could just burst. Could you be any more perfect for each other? But for the love of God man, do not move back to Minneapolis. It's cold there all the time and they get snow. Don't you remember snow? Down here it's pretty for a day or two and then it's gone. Up there it never goes away. It snows on Easter and sometimes Memorial Day and you have to shovel it. You don't even own a shovel. Dude, snow sucks! Seriously. But if you go, I'll knit you a sweater. Or maybe a nice scarf.

I talked to The Dad tonight. It seems The Parents (along with Aunt and Uncle from Oregon) have been reading the blog. Folks, it was bound to happen. Must remember to keep my big mouth shut about stashing the stash, et al. Ha!

Happy weekend everyone!

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LeAnn said...

Now The Parents know your guilty secrets about your stash. Don't you know to never put in writing what can be used against you?