Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Have You Ever Wondered...

...if what you're knitting will actually fit? The Cabaret Raglan has just entered that phase. I've literally got 7 more rows to knit on the sleeves and that sick feeling has set in. At least I have enough yarn this time! (A long story involving an overseas phone call to the Rowan mill in the UK and the subsequent emptying of my checkbook. Fortunately my math has improved somewhat.) What do I do if the Cabaret Raglan doesn't fit? That's all I'm thinking about as I'm nearing the end. I'm not sure if I'm more worried about it being too big or too small. How screwed up is that?

The blue hand-dyed/spun dorset wool is finished. I gave the skeins a good soak to set the twist and now they're hanging in the bathroom. Luckily yarn soaking in the sink and hanging from the shower rod doesn't phase Zack anymore. At least it's not pantyhose and undies! Speaking of the teenager, tomorrow is PSAT day and it wants a big breakfast...so I need to get some sleep.

And a long-awaited WW update! 6.5 pounds so far. Not as much as I'd like, but heck, I didn't put it on all at once, I can't expect to lose it all at once. But here's an issue to ponder. My scale varys by as much as 3 pounds so I'm not at all sure about the accuracy of my weigh-ins. I can step on then off, wait 20 seconds and do it again...several times...and each time it's different. I take the lowest and go with it. Maybe it's time for a new scale?

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