Monday, October 27, 2008

When Typing Hurts

For the past couple months, I've been dealing with a painful wrist and tingly fingers. I finally bit the bullet today and went to the doctor. She's thinking it's my carpal tunnel. Not surprising. I've talked to a couple people who have also dealt with this and my symptoms are similar. Tingling finger tips, pain up the wrist up to my elbow, feels better if I don't type as much. I go in for a nerve test in the next few days. I'll keep you posted.

Oddly enough, knitting and spinning don't hurt. And I'm not just saying that (because I have been known to knit until it does hurt. Like the wee hours before Christmas.) I think it's because my wrists are in a pretty ergonomic position when knitting/spinning. Typing, on the other hand (oh look, a pun!), hurts like a h-e-l-l. So, I'm going to keep this and future blogs rather short.

The Harvest Days and Fiber Festival was last Saturday in Murfreesboro. I took my camera but didn't have charged no photos. But it was great! I did a bit of Christmas shopping also and bought some lovely ________, a couple ________, wonderful handmade _______, and several ounces of ________ in lovely shade of ________. I ran into a lot of people from Ravelry. I love it when people stop me and say, "don't I know you from Ravelry?" or "hey, you're Knittybits!" Too fun!

For those of you who are keeping me honest, I didn't buy any yarn. I did buy fiber but that doesn't count because it's not yarn...yet.

Speaking of Ravelry, a long lost friend from college dropped me a line tonight. I joined an "Upper Peninsula" group and she recognized my photo online. So I've had a hilarious blast from the past tonight. Good grief I feel old now!

This whole internet thing is so cool! Thanks, Al Gore! (snork)

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LeAnn said...

Maybe we should all revert to the trusty old "hunt and peck" method of typing - much less efficient, but much less damaging. Of course, for those of us who make a living by efficiently churning out documents in a timely manner, I don't think this would be the recommended method.

So you bought a little fiber, eh? Well, the weather has turned colder and you do need to insulate a bit more. . .