Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today's List

I will not get the cold that has plagued my co-workers. "Get a cold, continue to go to work so you can sneeze and cough on everyone" is not on my list, so therefore, it will not happen. Simple.

It's Saturday morning and there's quite a bit of heavy frost on the lawn. The dog is beside me enjoying her morning nap (in my next life I'm going to be a spoiled, lazy dog) and I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee. There's no better time to start the "what needs to get done today in order for me to retain any semblance of sanity" list. Right?

1. Shop. I don't have a lot of shopping left to do so this won't be an all day affair. Repeat. This will not be an all day affair. I'm also going to endeavor to use nice words when describing the driving techniques and traffic maneuvers of my fellow shoppers. I'm going to Cool Springs. Say a prayer for me.

2. Clean up the empty ornament boxes. The tree looks great but the sofa is covered with tissue paper and empty boxes. It just ruins the effect.

3. Make bows and hang garland. This should be pretty easy...which means it will end up taking 3 hours and will require power tools, dry wall patch and Jack Daniels.

4. Make two batches of fudge. There are people who are waiting patiently for the first batch. I'm going to tamper with the recipe this year. Don't freak! I'm not using Nestle chocolate chips. The Ghirardeli (spelling??) chips were on sale. When I changed from using Hershey milk chocolate candy bars to Ghirardeli milk chocolate chips the fudge was much creamier. We'll see if the chips make a difference.

5. Stash the stash. It's really not so bad (not like the days leading up to the Parental Visit of Labor Day 2008). The stash just needs some general in I can't see the guest bed.

6. Hang the outside lights. I've been dragging my feet on this but Zack is insistent. The number of light strands that won't work is in direct proportion to how many Jack Daniels I'll need to get through this. Locating the giant extension cord is going to be a joy. I should add "clean garage" to the list

7. Get Jack Daniels (I prefer Gentleman Jack for my holiday imbibing.)

I think this is enough for one day. I'll check in later tonight and let you know how it went. If my typing is slurred, you'll know that items 3 and 6 kicked my butt.

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LeAnn said...

Just remember to enjoy yourself. I just got back from a Christmas breakfast/ornament swap with my Bible study group. I misunderstood the instructions and brought one ornament - not one for each person - just one ornament. In my defense, I did hand-knit it. Oh well! I just made them each open it, look at it, put it back in the bag and pass it to the next person. Thank goodness for friends who know me and love me anyway!