Sunday, April 12, 2009

In Which There are 10 Days Left

Whoa! Only 10 days left until Stitches South 2009!

That means I have less than 10 days to:

  • finish knitting my Sitcom Chic sweater (in lime green)
  • weave in the rest of the ends on my cabaret raglan
  • find the ultimate knitting project to take with me
  • find a back-up ultimate knitting project in case the ultimate knitting project ticks me off
  • plot my plan of attack for the market floor
  • buy a few more travel space bags (I plan on bringing back some stash enhancements)
  • decide on the perfect project for which to buy souvenir yarn (no snowglobe for this gal!)
  • figure out if I should "tweet" or "plurk" while at Stitches (sounds like maybe I should take some Rolaids, too)
  • pack

The toughest thing I'm working on right now is trying to decide on the souvenir project. There are so many lovely patterns out there that trying to come up with "the one" is proving difficult, if not impossible. I'm working on a top 10 (or 11) list. What should I knit? Clapotis? Cable Down Raglan? Central Park Hoodie? They are all on my list. And they're are pretty heavy contenders. Then there's the February Lady cardigan, Mr. Green Jeans, Hey Teach...maybe a lace shawl? See what I mean? The possibilities are endless.

So you see, I'm planning on buy some serious yarn. It's been a long time since I've made a major yarn purchase and I've been saving up for this for months. I'm going to do it right.

Go big or go home!

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