Saturday, May 16, 2009

La Petite Corolla: A Eulogy

[insert sound of bugle playing Taps]

How can I put into words this feeling of tremendous loss? Haiku, of course!

The squealing of brakes.
"Oh, s**t is that a Beemer?"
Metal on metal.

Is anyone hurt?
What in the hell just happened?
(It was a Volvo.)

No one was injured.
Broken headlights on the street.
Cars blocking traffic.

I watch with sadness.
As the tow truck hoists my car,
The Corolla limps

They called with the news.
Too much damage to repair.
The car is totaled.

A tremendous loss.
Hearts and head lights are broken.
It was much too soon.

I recall the days
Such a dependable ride.
Good times, yes...good times.

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