Thursday, May 28, 2009

A litte ketchup with my blog

I've put off blogging for the one reason I should blog. So much has happened this month that I should have been writing about it. Yet to write about it would mean reliving it, and it was exhausting enough the first time around.

  • I totaled my car.
  • I turned 45.
  • I taught my first knitting class.
  • I got a passport.
  • I was strong enough to walk away from a car deal that would have put me in big debt.
  • I learned to weave on a rigid heddle loom (and loved it!)
  • I ripped out the heel on my second sock...again.
  • I started spinning a lovely mohair/sparkle blend batt on my drop spindle (it's like visiting an old friend!)
  • I went camping and made beer pancakes.
  • I survived my son surviving finals.
  • And, the best part--I have had lunch, dinner or drinks with all my friends!

I still don't have a car, but that's ok. Maybe it will happen this weekend. I'll post photos of the beautiful batt I'm spinning and the gorgeous sample I made on the Ashford Knitter's Loom. So, while there are no photos this time, I do hope that this is enough to catch up!

A busy summer full of blog-worth events is on the horizon! Have I mentioned I'm going to Quebec? On a train? Pinch me!!!

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