Monday, June 8, 2009

Done with Terra Firma

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I've finally finished the Terra Firma Socks That took forever Rock. The yarn did not give me joy while knitting because I'm just not a fan of hard twist sock yarn. It felt "hard" and wasn't all that springy. But then I blocked the socks. I soaked them in warm water with a drop of shampoo, and the yarn relaxed and bloomed! I could almost hear the yarn sighing with joy and release! There was a bit of color bleed in the water, but nothing terrible. Now, the socks are just lovely! I'm quite pleased with the way the yarn pattened at the top of the foot right below the cuff. It's the same pattern on each sock but it happened in a different part of the skein. I'm not one who needs her socks all matchy matchy but I do like them to be a pair...and these socks are a lovely pair.

The pattern was rather simple.
Cast on 64 stitches (or any increment of 4).
K1 P1 rib for however long it pleases you.
Then switch to the pattern:
Row 1: K3 P1 for the entire round
Row 2: K1 P1 for the entire round
Could it be any simpler?
The heel flap is a basic slip stitch heel. Nothing fancy on the gussets either. The foot only has 32 stitches of pattern on the top and is plain stockinette on the bottom. Simple toe decrease. I just used other sock patterns to figure out the heel calculations. If you've knit socks before this one should be a breeze. I really like the rib like stretchyness. I'm looking forward to the next cold day so I can wear may be a while!

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