Saturday, June 27, 2009


Yes, it's as soft as it looks. No soft-focus lens, no trick lighting, just 1200 yards of pure cashmere. I'll give you a moment alone.

Then there's this little unlabeled ball of wonder. I think it's also cashmere or some exotic blend. It's just as soft as the white cashmere, but a wee bit finer and silkier. Darn the previous owner for just tossing it in a box and discarding the label!

This is the token odd ball. It's probably DK weight or light worsted. Not very soft at all. Pink, purple, green shades of a boucle-type yarn. Odd. This one is going to be added to the prayer shawl stash at church. Mixed with other yarn, it just might be ok.

Berroco ChaCha...5 hanks and 1 center pull ball.

Berroco Pleasure...10 balls (enough for a sweater!!)

This is only a tiny portion of the contents of the yarn I bought at that sale last week. It took me most of this week to get it organized, counted and in bags. Untangling the sock yarn took two nights (Liana, I did it for you!) I'll post more photos as I take them.

My passport finally arrived the other day! Whee! Now I just have to figure out what knitting project(s) I'm going to take with me to Quebec. Suggestions?

And, a bit of self-promotion. Punchy is now available on Etsy! Only two available. Get 'em while they last!

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Liana said...

I love it! You really scored on that $30 purchase. Some people just have all the luck, like me for the sock yarn. :-) wheeeeeeeeee