Sunday, June 7, 2009

A treasure within a treasure

This past spring, Randy and I hooked up the camper and headed to northern Alabama. We didn't really have an agenda other than to go somewhere neither of us had been before that was within a couple hours from home. We decided on Joe Wheeler State Park.

We drove around the area and did some dam exploring (couldn't resist) and hiking. A little research before the trip put us on the trail of a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Florence--the Rosenbaum House.

I'm not going to go on about Frank's Usonian architecture or all the details of the house. For those that want to know more, see the website: It's wonderfully simple and elegant.

As we entered one of the bedrooms, I believe I gave a little yelp...or maybe it was a loud yelp. You see, Mrs. Rosenbaum was a fiber artist, and an entire bedroom was dedicated to her STASH!

The photo on the desk is of Mrs. Rosenbaum at one of her looms.
Table runner woven by Mrs. Rosenbaum
How delightfully unexpected!


smelk-o-matic said...

That is SO COOL. I had no idea this place existed. Thanks for posting this!!


Chris said...

I nearly hyperventilated when I saw it! Do you know how hard it was to not start digging through the baskets and fondling all the lovely woven items???? TORTURE!!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the post.