Saturday, January 23, 2010

It was a typical Thursday night...

I dropped the teen off at home after work/school and went to the Haus of Yarn for a bit of knitting and catching up. Everything seemed typical when I walked in. The usual suspects were at the front table knitting and chatting, while some were wondering about doing a bit of shopping. It seemed very...well...Thursday.

Then it hit me.

Something was different. Something was very, very different and not as it was last Thursday. They should have warned me. On the other hand I should have been expecting it. I just wasn't totally prepared.


My hats and patterns on display at a yarn shop!

This is So! Dang! Cool!

Many thanks to Liana who had her camera phone handy and was kind enough to snap a couple photos for me.


Liana said...

oh pshaw!!!! it was my pleasure and I'll do it again. I felt like I was cronie taking pics of the star!!! I'm so proud of you in your stardom. :-)

Janvier said...

Thats pretty cool..Chris I haven't read through the rest of your blog but when I first saw the hats I thought of Krochet Kids International. Its a non-profit that helps people get jobs in Africa. Best wishes

Haley said...

What Lovely HAts

Haley said...

Those are some Lovely hats..