Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just a few more hours...

...and we'll be on our way to the beach! The car is packed, and I mean packed. I hope there's room for the boys! It's going to be a lot of fun. Here's our Top 10 list of what we want to do this next week:

  1. Sleep in
  2. Relax
  3. Eat lots of good junk (guilt-free of course)
  4. Relax again
  5. Metal detect along the beach (with the new Bounty Hunter Tracker IV)
  6. Goof off
  7. Snorkel on the Daniel Webster Clements
  8. Swim at the pool
  9. Look for shells
  10. Stay up late

Sounds like we have our work cut out for us. We'll have a computer and wireless card, so I plan on blogging from the beach. I can't promise that I'll post every day, but I'll keep in touch.

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