Monday, July 2, 2007

A Quick Roll in the Stash

I don't know why I ventured into the guest room. I only go in there when absolutely necessary, like to iron something or to clean it before my parents come to visit. Today I didn't need to iron, nor are my parents coming to visit. I went in to roll in my stash a bit.

First question. Where did it all come from? Second question. How can I possibly knit it all?

Surely, I didn't buy it all. There has to have been some sort of yarn mating going on. I seriously don't recall buying 7 skeins (all different colors) of Peaches and Cream cotton yarn. I remember knitting two dish cloths, but I know I only bought 2 skeins, right? Two cones of mill-end wool, roughly 4 pounds, yes, I remember that. The five skeins for the rest of Zack's afghan, yes, I remember. One lone skein of black acrylic, total denial, no recollection at all. And so it went for most of the afternoon. I'm rather proud of myself, nearly all the ball bands were in close proximity to the yarn. I gathered yarn and said bands, stuffed them neatly into ziplock bags, and then piled them on the ironing board, on the floor, on the table, more on the floor. Well...

In all the "rolling" I found what I was looking for, a completed sock and a sock still on the needles. This project was abandoned nearly a year ago because gauge of the second sock was not cooperating. The yarn is (I think) Lorna's Laces (no ball band in close proximity) and they're knit in an easy to memorize drop stitch pattern. When I noticed the gauge issue with the second sock I got ticked and unceremoniously launched it into the guest room. I'm not really sure what I was expecting. The elves didn't reknit it for me so today I frogged it and will start over.

Break out the DPNs.

Sock on!

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