Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Knit one, frog too!

I am mental. I'm knitting the second slip stitch sock. I just finished the 14 rows of 1x1 ribbing (again because my tension was for total crap the first time, wait...that would be the second time) and I started on the pattern. It's super easy--72 sts, size 1 dpns; 3 rounds of k3, p1; then a round of k2, yo, k1, p1; then two rounds of k1, slip as to purl, drop the yo stitch, k1, p1. I finished the first 6 rows and started the k3 p1 round, but I didn't p1. I'm not sure why I didn't p1, but it sure bungled up the pattern. I kept looking at it, then at the first sock, back at the second sock. [#$*%&!@] So I frogged the dang thing again, but only down to the ribbing. I WILL NOT START THIS SOCK FROM THE BEGINNING AGAIN. I will not. Cripes. My head must be in my rear end.

Here's an interesting thing I've learned from this...frogged yarn is like knitting with ramen noodles. This second sock just isn't looking as smooth as the first one. I'm hoping that when I block it, it won't look like ramen anymore. Ramen isn't a good look for a sock. I'm beginning to doubt that I'll ever get this one done.

Spinning Update:
I did a test spin on the merino roving. I only spun about a yard and then plied it back on itself. Oh...my...God! So what if it has the faintest scent of cig butt. It spins like a freakin' dream! It's all I can do to not start it right now. But I will wait and dye it first. I'm thinking beach glass colors...we'll see what kind of inspiration I get from vacation.

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