Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Project Update!

Now that I've got my head out of my rear, I'm making pretty good progress on the second sock. My goal is to get it done while on vacation. I also have some Socks that Rock (STR) yarn that's patiently waiting for me to cast on. Not until this pair is done and ends are woven in.

On my needles:

  1. Lime green/black felted tote: Yarn--Berroco Vibe. It has been felted and shaped, so it's technically OFF the needles. All I need to do is sew the lining. I even have the lining fabric, I just need to find the sewing machine. It's in the guest room buried under mounds of yarn.
  2. Talisman handbag: Yarn--Boho Colors. This is also off the needles and waiting for lining and handles. I just haven't had time to look for the perfect hardware for this. It is so cool and will make a great evening bag. I'm not going to have long yarny handles. It needs something more sophisticated.
  3. Zack's afghan: I can't knit on this in the summer. It's just too warm. I'm using Plymouth Encore in heathered blue, red and tan. I chose Encore since it has a high wool content but can be machine washed. Very important. The pattern is something Zack and I came up with, domino or modular knitting. I hope to have it done by mid-September, or when the weather turns cool again.
  4. T-shirt bath rug: This one is interesting. I bought a bunch of purple t-shirts at Goodwill and I'm knitting them into a rug. It's not very easy going because the needles are huge. I'm about 1/3 done. It's a simple garter stitch, cast on 10 knit for several rows, bind off all but one stitch, turn and pick up stitches along an edge, knit some more. Totally random.

More photos to come. I plan on posting Zack's afghan pattern when it's complete. Stay tuned!

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