Thursday, January 17, 2008

Plural--As in with an "S"

Just one more post about comments, that would be comments with an 's', as in PLURAL! Thanks James, for making me Plural! I no longer have one "comment", I have comments. Did I mention that's with an 's'?

Sophie...a dog's life. Sophie is not in any danger of being spun. I know there are some people out there who love their dogs so much they feel the need to spin with dog "shed". I've actually met some of those people. Ok, I'm going to say it...a Pomeranian purse is just weird. How bad is it going to smell if it's slung over your shoulder and you get caught in the rain? Gak!

I Navaho-plied some of Frankie Lee last night. Frankie Lee is a romney ram who lives in Kentucky. Well I think I Navaho-plied it...I've never done it before and looked up 'how to' on the internet. Either way, it is killer gorgeous!

Roadtrip Weekend!
Destination: YarnAlong in Henderson, KY

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