Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Let's Have a Little P.D.K.

...or Public Display of Knitting!!

If you've never done it in public, it's time you let go of your inhabitions and do it while other people watch. Trust me, it is liberating. You will find heightened levels of pleasure as passersby watch your talented fingers move with such assurance and purpose. The size of the project doesn't matter, nor does your technique. You can knit Continental or English...or, if you're like can go either way. Does that mean I'm a bi-knitter?

If you feel that you'd rather do it with a group than solo, I encourage you to find other knitters in your community and join the knitters around the globe for the World Wide Knit in Public Day on June 14. (And you thought this was something dirty...shame.) Should you be fortunate enough to live in the fair city of Nash-Vegas, the knitters are going to congregate at Centennial Park at 11am. Bring chairs, blankets, lunch, drinks (non-alcholic as this is a city park), sun screen...and your knitting! Check out the flyer. If I can make it work I'll post it on the blog, but it's giving me fits.

I'm Chris, and I do it knit in public!

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