Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Book Bits

Believe it or not, there are times when I don't knit or spin during my down time. I read. I watch movies. I even watch TV. For some reason I'm totally hooked on CSI Miami. I can't explain it. Maybe it's all the pretty colors. We can discuss this later.

Tonight I want to tell you about the book I just finished, "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant. It's about Dinah, Jacob's only daughter. Most people know the story of Jacob and his sons, especially Joseph (and the coat of many colors). This book explores the lives of the women of that time. Rebecca, Rachel, Leah, Zilpah, Bilhah, Dinah and other characters of the author's invention. Even though Dinah is just briefly mentioned in Genesis, her life comes alive in "The Red Tent." I found it difficult to put the book down. Find it. Read it!

This afternoon I started "World Without End" by Ken Follett. This is the sequel to "Pillars of the Earth", however I've been told that you don't need to read Pillars first. I read Pillars years ago...before it made Oprah's book list. Pillars is set in the Dark Ages as the great cathedrals of Europe are being built. Fantastic book! "World Without End" takes place 200 years later in the same village. I'm only 5 chapters into the book but already I'm enthralled!

Authors amaze me. As I sit here and struggle over typing out a few simple words about what is going on in my life, I can't help but be in awe of their talent. A well-written book is so satisifying that I find myself reading passages several times just for the enjoyment of it.

Update on the Cabaret Raglan. I've got to frog. DANG IT! An important lesson was learned here. Write down how often you increase and decrease, then count the rows carefully. I'm off by 4 rows and will need to trash about 3 inches of boring stockinette. Probably not enough to make a huge difference, but enough to bug the crap out of me. So...a'frogging I will go.

Go forth and read while I go forth and frog...ribbit...

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