Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Bit of Show and Tell

I had a particularly rotten yesterday, which escalated into an unexpected trip to the doctor's office. All is well now, but there was some rupturing of a female kind that nearly did me in. It hurt so much that I couldn't knit or spin...and how cruel is that when THIS came in the mail???
It's 8 ounces of 100% merino top from Creatively Dyed Yarn. (Check out her store, she has lovely stuff!) It's as pretty in person as it is in the photo. Just looking at it (and petting it...trying not to drool on it) really helped me through my crappy day. I'll spin it up as soon as I get the shetland (Mama C) off my bobbins. I've heard tell that one can never have too many bobbins. I'm beginning to believe that!

Roadtrip weekend!
Destination - Chesapeake, OH (just across the river from Huntington, WV) Lots going on there this weekend--craft fair at Big Sandy, jazz concert at Pullman Square and an organ recital at the Methodist Church. We're planning on squeezing in hiking and a bit of geocaching. Maybe I'll even meet GoodnessGraciousWV! Oh the possibilities are endless!

1 comment:

goodnessgraciousWV said...

And I forgot to LOOK for you and didn't meet you! I was thinking today, um, wasn't this past weekend the weekend that Chris was coming to visit Mary & Bob?

Drat! sorry about that! I was feeling puny and didn't go to Jay's recital...

grace :)