Saturday, April 12, 2008

Photos for a Saturday Night

It just occurred to me that I posted a photo of the rainbow fleece but not the finished yarn. I guess I got ahead of myself. Or it could be that I have severe lack of focus! Oh fleece!


Navaho plied so the colors will transition from red-orange-yellow-green-blue-violet

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StarzAbove said...

OMG! Your spinning and dyeing is truly amazing!!!
I've gotten a bug to spin and dye lately. I have some Frankie Lee we (embarrassingly) forgot that we had stuffed under the specials in the big yarn basket in the front of the shop to help fill the huge thing, soaking up color in the pot as I type. I'm going to spin it tomorrow hopefully, if it is dry. I'm excited!
I'm putting out a special invitation to local spinners this coming third Saturday and I plan to be there, parked, and spinning ALL DAY!!! (must utilize good excuses whenever possible)