Friday, April 18, 2008

The Laws of Life, a Poem

I'm pretty proud of Zack today. His poem, "Laws of Life", was one of three essays selected to represent his middle school in a county-wide writing competition. I think he did a great job!

Laws of Life
by Zack

We have enough laws
Written in the books.
We all must follow them,
Or we’d be nothing but crooks.

But we all have laws
In our own hearts,
That make us better people,
But these laws aren’t on the charts.

The laws are how we live our lives.
They keep us happy, safe and warm.
We don’t know what makes us follow them,
But they keep us out of harm.

These are called the Laws of Life.
They’re around us every day.
When you’re kind to friends and neighbors,
You’re using them in every way.
----Copyright 2008 Zack


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StarzAbove said...

Awesome poem - you certainly should be proud!
The things that he says in the poem are some of what we all hope as parents that we pass on to our kids - great job Mom!