Monday, April 7, 2008

Sweney's Alpaca Farm

Every now and then Craigslist coughs up something really interesting and unique. On a wild hair I did a search on the word "fiber" and came across an add for alpaca and llama shearing. What are the odds? I called the farm and found out that she's also selling alpaca and llama fiber. I got directions, met a friend for breakfast and then we headed to Dickson, Tennessee.

We got lost.

Dickson isn't a very big town and I thought I had committed the directions to memory. Nope. I made a bunch of phone calls to people who I thought would be sitting at a computer and finally got in touch with my 11 year old nephew (who lives in Michigan). He Googled it for me and was able to get me directions.

We were amazed at the amount of mud and poo.

Also amazing were the animals. We were able to walk among the llamas and alpacas as they were waiting for shearing. Enough with the words...the photos are better.

Could they be any cuter? But the bigger question is "what did I buy?" I got a bag of jet black alpaca, a bag of cinnamon alpaca and a bag of caramel and white llama. The black alpaca is to die for! I've spun up a little bit of the cinnamon alpaca and it's so incredibly soft. As I wash, pick and spin, I'll post more photos and info.

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