Friday, August 15, 2008

Coming Clean

I really have too much yarn and fiber. Seriously.

I went looking for the guest room this evening and ran into a wall of fiber. I don't normally heat and cool the guest room unless I'm going to use it for an extended period. Therefore, the door is typically closed. This is a problem. When the door is closed, I can't see all the fiber in the room. Put more fiber in, close the door, and *poof* it's all okay....until your parents call and say they're coming to visit. I'm not going to shut the door any more. I need to keep my eye on things. There must be some weird reproducing going on when I'm not around. Surely I didn't purchase all that, did I?

I have issues.


LeAnn said...

There's really no need to heat and cool that room with all that extra insulation! I'd say that buying more fiber is your way of combating global warming. :)

LDSVenus said...

LOL, if you figure out how the fiber reproduces let me know, I need to teach mine ;P.