Friday, August 22, 2008

We Lost a Friend Today

This afternoon I got a phone call and several e-mails telling me that Susan passed away this morning. She had been battling cancer since the day I met her. Even though Susan wasn't part of my life for very long, she was a friend.

Susan was the co-founder and foundation of our prayer shawl ministry at church. There are a lot of things I'd like to say about my brief friendship with Susan but there's one conversation we had that I will always remember. We were at church devouring a new yarn catalog. She was trying to decide on patterns and yarn for afghans for her daughters. She was looking for a pattern that would knit up quickly because "I don't have a lot of time." She wanted her girls to have beautiful, comforting afghans made by their mom. Afghans that they could hug when they are away at college and in the hospital having babies.

It wasn't long after that conversation that the cancer began attacking with greater force. I don't know if the afghans ever got done.

Wednesday night dinner and knitting at church won't be the same.

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Anonymous said...

I lost a dear friend to cancer on Good Friday of 2007. It wasn't such a Good Friday... but it helped me to remember that, because of what happened to Jesus on Good Friday, in a very short time (in the grand scheme of things) I would be able to laugh with my friend again, sing with her, hug her and rejoice.

It hurts now, but know that very soon, you two can be together again. Forever. *hugs*