Saturday, June 23, 2007

Drive-in Movies

You have GOT to do this before they're gone. Check out this site: and look for the drive-in theater closest to you. Then pack up the car with kids, pillows, blankets, lawn chairs, pizza and a cooler of drinks and head to the show. I just got home from the drive-in in Franklin, KY. It's about a 30-40 minute drive from here, but it's well worth it. There's just something neat about watching a movie under the stars. And speaking of stars we saw two big shooting stars during the movie. Too cool!

I took my knitting and a drop spindle, but it was too humid (not hot, just humid) to get anything done. That's ok, it was a good night to visit.

Nearly off the needles: silk beaded skinny scarf! I'm almost done. Maybe 3 or 4 more inches. Now the big question--to fringe or not to fringe? I'll post photos when it's done and blocked.

Good morning!
Crazy Aunt Chris

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