Thursday, June 28, 2007


I just sold my first skein of hand painted yarn! I'm so excited but will be a little sad to see it go. I called this colorway "Tequila Sunrise", it's just so yummy looking.

I dyed it with Kool-aid of all things. I used orange, pink lemonade, fruit punch, black cherry and a tiny bit of very diluted grape. Grape hasn't given me much's pretty dark, but diluted it's much better.

I have another colorway on sale at (seller name is Junebug514) called BLimey. This one is dyed with blue raspberry, berry blue and lime. I love it! It looks like a tropical breeze.
I hope it finds a home soon!

Both skeins are Knitpicks 100% merino fingering weight yarn. 440 yards per skein and very soft! It should knit to about 7 stitches per 1" on size 1-3 US needles. I really want to use superwash, but they won't have any in stock until the end of July.

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