Monday, March 31, 2008

Project updates, blasphemy and a list

Even though a majority of my posts lately have been about spinning and dyeing yarn, I am still knitting. So, I think a project update is in order. I apologize for the lack of photos...The Teen stole my camera batteries for his xbox guitar and didn't stick the dead ones in the charger.

Socks That Rock socks...I am going to go way out on a limb here and suggest that I don't really like the Socks That Rock (STR) yarn. BLASPHEMY!!! I LOVE the colorways, but the yarn is of the tight twist variety and it's knitting up all crooked. I've tried several different knitting methods, but I swear it's wanting to bias. Hmm. The colorway is drop dead gorgeous, but I'm getting a bit freakish over the wonkiness of the stitches. Has anyone else had this problem? Doomed to never be finished...we'll see.

Zack's afghan...I lost the pattern. It's really no big deal since I have the actual block pattern memorized. I just have to redo the pattern so I know what colors go where. This has, however, kept me from progressing on this project.

Vibe tote...I finally bought some fabric for the lining, again. I bought a cool batik fabric for the lining a while back, but ended up loving the fabric but hating it as a lining. Now I just need to line the sucker and figure out what to do for handles. I am convinced that it will be a great project bag once it gets done.

I'm navaho plying the rainbow yarn. Whoa, talk about an energized yarn. Holy cow! I'm plying on my slowest setting but it's still twisting back on itself. Maybe a couple days in time out on the bobbin and then a nice soak in a warm bath. It seems a warm bath always gets the kinks out, right?

And now for a list things that will make a person more pleasant to work for. I realize there are only about 2 people who read my blog, but I will try to be as anonymous as possible. Although the aluminum foil and acid washed jeans might give it away.

  1. Trust your coworkers to meet deadlines without constant (passive aggressive) reminders.
  2. Keep your office door open. When it's closed we think you're doing something you shouldn't be doing.
  3. Acknowledge requests as soon as possible. Even if you can't get to the request in a couple days at least acknowledge it.
  4. Say "good morning" before barking out rude orders.
  5. Book your own hotel room if you want to make sure your room overlooks the ocean. If I book your hotel and you whine about it, the next time you want an ocean view you'll be looking out over the dumpsters for the Red Lobster next door.
  6. Say "please" when you make an unreasonable request, like wanting me to make sure your room has an ocean view. Actually, in this case please isn't going to help worth a darn (see #6) but it will make me bitch about you less.
  7. Say "thank you" too.
  8. 99% of the time the code of after hours get-togethers or weekend get-aways with co-workers is "no bosses allowed". Period. Get over it.
  9. Don't bring everyone in the office brownies that are wrapped in recycled aluminum foil that is clearly marked "2 pieces taliapi". Gross. Gross. Gross. (If you want the proof in this one, I'll take a photo of the foil. I kept it...had to...too good to pass up.)
  10. Don't sit in your office with the door closed for hours on end only to emerge and sigh heavily as you walk out. More specifically, don't sigh heavily at all. It's annoying.
  11. Do not wallow in self-pity because your life sucks, especially if you're doing nothing to change the situation(s).
  12. Ricola. Please.
  13. Short sleeved dress shirts and ties. No one has ever made this look good.
  14. Just because you can fit into the acid washed Billy Idol jeans you had in 1985 doesn't mean you should wear them.
  15. Leave things in the trash. They are there for a reason.

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