Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is it tomorrow yet?

Meet Manda...

It's already tomorrow for Manda. She is a Safety Manager at an aluminum mine in Australia's Northern Territory. That whole international date line thing just really blows my mind. When I read I her blog posts (Safety Boots and Crochet) they're from tomorrow. How cool is that?

But it gets even cooler! Check out what Manda is snuggling and hugging! It's my Rosewood and Spicy Sandalwood yarn! She begged me (with cherries on top) to ship to Australia. How could I refuse? She went on a yarn binge of epic and envious proportions and I am so honored that some of my yarn was chosen.

Thank you, Manda! For me, this is huge! There is a part of me in Australia. It's the coolest feeling! I sincerely hope our paths continue to cross.

Check out her blog, I've added it to my favs on the side bar to the right. I'm totally enchanted!

I'd post more but it's late...and only a few minutes away from tomorrow. I had a last minute invitation to see Lou Diamond Phillips play King Arthur in "Camelot" at the performing arts center. It was awesome! It's still so hard for me to envision someone other than Richard Harris play King Arthur, but Lou did a wonderful job. It's late, off to bed.


SB&C said...


I have a thing for Lou Diamond Phillips!!!!!

Trust me - I'll be buying more yarn!!!! I'm in LOVE with the Spicy Sandalwood!


Chris said...

Manda, I'm blushing! So glad you love the yarn. Can't wait for more photos!

And Lou Diamond Phillips added a kind of Captain Jack Sparrow characteristic to King Arthur. Very hot!