Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Monday

I'm going to fire my housekeeper!! She didn't show up again this weekend. Seriously, I don't think she's been around since January. The lazy, no good, mumble, mumble... When I told my son that I was going to fire her, he said, "We have a housekeeper??" Too funny!

So, what have I (the housekeeper) been doing...besides cleaning house? Playing with fiber, of course! I dyed six skeins of yarn and a couple hunks of roving. I spun my "party in a bag" roving that I got in Gatlinburg, TN. Lots and lots of fiber play. On to the photos!!!

I call this little lovely hunk of fiber "Vintage Roses". This is 4 of the 8 total ounces of 100% alpaca top/roving for spinning. Kettle dyed by adding pink to one side of the pot and brown to the other. Then I crossed my fingers and walked away. I was hoping for more of a neapolitan ice cream, but ended up with a lovely shade of faded roses. I'd love to see it spun up, but it's for my Etsy shop .

This batch should probably be called the kitchen sink. I had an odd amount of Brown Sheep mill ends and several pots of dye with only a smidge left in each. Ta da!
I split the roving into sections and then poured dye all over it. I wish I could replicate the colors because the pea green in the center is KILLER! I'm not sure where the yellow came from, it was orange before I steamed it. (I'm keeping this one for me.)

Now, for my new favorite, Pansies! I got up Saturday morning and started mixing dye before my first cup of coffee. I'm in love! It's everything I expected! It really does look like my neighbor's bed of pansies. The deep rose is my favorite part, so is the green, and I like the teal...hell, I like it all! Also on Etsy.

This batch started out as a bag of wool yarn I bought at an estate sale.

I pulled the skeins apart and discarded the damaged outer layer and ended up with about 550 yards. It was off-white to start, but it was so BORING! So I hit it with some blues and purples. Also on Etsy as I Got the Blues.

Speaking of Etsy, I changed my shop's banner and avatar. What I had before was so boring!

I'm going to post the "party in a bag" yarn later this week. I want to ply it first and then I'll share the photos. It was a total blast to spin, and it took only a couple hours. What is "party in a bag" roving? It's basically everything. There were all different colors of mostly wool, but some cotton, a bit of silk, locks, sparklies...and a couple pieces of vegetable matter just so I wouldn't lose interest. It's absolutely gorgeous! Maybe I can ply it by the weekend. Depends...

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Yarn Tails said...

I love the vintage rose! Just BEAUTIFUL!! Will have to check out your shop tomorrow after I get paid. LOL