Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Round and round the bobbin goes!

I’m freaking out because I’m out of bobbins. I hate that!

This is what's currently on the Ashford...

This is a mystery fiber. For the life of me I can’t figure out what it is. I normally label all my fiber, but I stashed this in a moment of panic. You see, my parents were coming for Christmas and the guest room was one pile of wool. You get the picture….

Ok, so the base fiber is maybe merino. But it’s softer than my other merino, but not as silky as any of my alpaca. About a 3-4” staple. Who knows. So, I dyed it with some kool-aid, nearly felted the darn stuff and ended up with what looked like pig intestines. Seriously. It looked really gross hanging from my shower rod. I had to pre-draft the daylights out of it in order to spin…but that’s ok. I also dyed some leftover cotswold locks and added them every so often.

This is what I’m going to ply with the thick, curly stuff.
I’m spinning it as thin as I can get it, but it’s slipping around like mad. I used a flick carder on the rest of the cotswold locks and I’ve been adding bits of fluff as I go. I’ve never plied a thick yarn with a thin…should be interesting.

You should see the box that came from the Sheep Shed Studio yesterday…OMG. Cripes, I need more bobbins!


SB&C said...

Hmmmmmmmmm.... yarrrrrrrn....... :P''''''''

Course you can use my picture :)


Chris said...

As you can tell...I have this thing for yarn. But seriously, it's not a problem and I can quit any time I want to....